Grilled Cheese Sammich

Havarti, Gouda, and cheddar cheese on butter-brushed sourdough

Almost Vegetarian

Multi-grain wheat and flax wrap, mayo, pepper jack cheese, oven roasted turkey, and roasted veggies (zucchini, peppers, onions, mushrooms)

No Ragrets

Buttered brioche bun, mayo, double bacon, and Gouda cheese

The Prototype

Andouille sausage, bacon, provolone cheese, spinach, and marinara sauce on a Ciabatta roll

Wyld Chyld

Wild arugula, oven roasted turkey, andouille sausage and Cajun butter on a brioche bun


Multi-grain wheat flax wrap, cilantro lime dressing, grilled veggies, arugula, spinach, and provolone cheese (omit cheese for vegan)

Alida's Mega Club

Honey Ham, oven roasted turkey, and bacon layered with Havarti cheese on a giant torta roll with spinach, tomato, and mayo

Breakfast Club

You won't forget about this one. Ham, turkey, bacon, and eggs with grilled zucchini, baby peppers, onions, and mushrooms. We top it off with spinach and Havarti cheese on a huge torta roll and grill it to gooey perfection.

Eye Opener

Bacon, honey ham or oven roasted turkey with a fresh egg and cheddar on a Ciabatta roll

Sunrise on the Seine

Ham, egg, fresh spinach, and Gouda on brioche. You will definitely want to say “Oui” to this breakfast sandwich.


Cup or Bowl

Banzo Soup

Built on organic chicken stock and chick peas; this hearty soup combines Caribbean flavors with bold, spicy cajun notes, served over white rice with fresh cilantro

Southwest Turkey Chili

What's summer without chili? Lean ground turkey married with poblano peppers, black beans, fresh cut corn, fire roasted organic tomatoes, and our own blend of spices that bring a little heat. Topped with cheddar cheese and onion unless otherwise specified.

Tomato Basil Cream

Tomatoes, cream, and herbs infused with a bit of sweetness and spice to make this comforting soup. A favorite with grilled cheese.



Iceberg lettuce and romaine interspersed with carrots and red cabbage and topped with tomatoes, shredded cheddar, and croutons. Straightforward, to the point, and satisfying.

Alida's Winter Salad

Our latest seasonal salad is here! Field greens and organic San Lacinto kale sprinkled liberally with tri-colored quinoa, pomegranate seeds, crumbled feta, and orange slices in a mulled cider vinaigrette. A great option to help you keep your New Year resolutions without sacrificing any flavor.

*NEW!* Bowls

Veggie Bowl

A combination of raw and grilled vegetables on a bed of tricolor quinoa dressed with cilantro avocado lime and sweet and spicy pecans. Vegan-friendly and a great filling-but-light meal.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Chicken thighs slow cooked in teriyaki sauce served over rice with edamame salad and drizzled with teriyaki glaze.

Taino Bowl

The Taino Bowl pays homage to Taino and Arawak heritage by combining traditional flavors of the Caribbean's Greater Antilles with our own spicy notes. Adobo-marinated and slow-cooked pulled pork is served alongside Alida's famous Banzo Beans, mature plantains ("Amarillo" style), and a generous serving of parbroiled rice.

Seoul Bowl

Braised Korean short ribs with root vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, and quick cucumber kimchi over rice.


  • Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea
  • Dasani® Bottled Water
  • Tropicana® Apple Juice
  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Stash® Tea (various flavors)
  • Coke®
  • Diet Coke®
  • Sprite®
  • Dr. Pepper®
  • Big Red®
  • Coke Zero®
  • Topo Chico® Sparkling Water
  • 1885® Coffee
  • Iced 1885® Coffee
  • Element® Kombucha (various flavors)


  • Cup of Soup
  • Bag O' Chips
  • Side Salad (side portion of House Salad)
  • Hot or Cold Drink (excluding alcohol and kombucha)
  • Turnovers (assorted flavors)
  • Scone (assorted flavors)

We support local and proudly carry products from 1885 Coffee Com Element Kombucha.