More Drinks!

Hard Ciders

Austin Eastciders Collaboratory, Austin TX (available flavors may vary)

Original Dry Cider





Texas Honey

Blood Orange

Spiced Cider

Camp Cider, Cinnamon/Apple/Maple, The Buzz Mill (San Marcos, TX), Cider - Herbed / Spiced / Hopped.

Rekordelig, Strawberry Lime, Åbro Bryggeri (Vimmerby, Kalmar län Sweden )

Rekorderlig, Passion Fruit, Åbro Bryggeri (Vimmerby, Kalmar län Sweden)

Angry Orchard, Crisp Apple Sweet Cider, Angry Orchard Cider Company (Walden, NY)

Hard Seltzers

Truly Hard Seltzer, Boston, MA (available flavors may vary)




Wild Berries

Black Cherry


Passion Fruit


Hard Tea

Twisted Tea, Original, 12oz. Twisted Tea Brewing Co.

Twisted Tea, Peach, 24oz. Twisted Tea Brewing Co.

Twisted Tea, Half & Half 24oz. Twisted Tea Brewing Co.

House Specialties

"Alida's Sakemosas" Alida's heartwarming nod to the morning after our monthly anime nights! A wine glass consisting of a generous serving of sake and fresh orange juice. garnished with a fresh slice of navel orange. yum! Available any time!

"Sakura Punch" A refreshing combination of vibrant fresh juices (watermelon, cranberry, and apple) spiked with sake. *Exclusive to anime events

"Putosas" Our own concoction of fresh guava nectar, orange juice, fresh guava spears, and bubbly champagne - dressed with Tajin chili powder and Chamoy. just the right amount of necio! "Putosas o putasos!"